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10 signs that you need to have guitar lessons!


Are you wondering whether to start having guitar lessons? Read on and book your first free lesson today!

1. Playing the same stuff all the time.

One of the most common reasons why people come to Bristol House of Music for lessons is when they are stuck in a rut. Playing the same things all the time. This makes playing music start to become tedious and boring. There are only so many times you can play that AC/DC riff or Metallica song over and over again. Or even if you have been playing for a while, having someone who gives you targets and songs to learn is going to make playing music so much more fun!

2. Don’t understand what you’re playing!

Can you play songs, riffs and solos but you’re not actually sure what your playing? Maybe you’ve been playing for a while but don’t understand the key you’re in, or what scale that solo is using. This is limiting you as a musician! At Bristol House of Music you will always understand what you are playing, which means that Foo Fighters solo you know can be so much more! You can use the licks when playing your own music or jamming over a backing track! Expand your knowledge and you will not be restricted at all!

3. Stuck to one style!

Are you playing Metal all the time? There’s nothing wrong with that, but once you start exploring different styles and genres you are going to be a way more versatile player and it will ultimately help your Metal playing (or whatever is your favourite style to play). Remember with every style of music there are about a million sub-genres. 

Just for Rock there is Acid rock, Afro punk, Alternative country, Alternative dance, Alternative hip hop, Alternative metal, Alternative rock, Americana music, Anatolian rock, Art punk, Art rock, Avant-garde metal, Baroque pop, Baggy, Bandana Thrash, Beach music, Beat, Bent edge, Big beat, Bisrock, Blackgaze, Black metal, Blues rock, Boogie rock, Brazilian thrash metal, Breakcore, British folk rock, Britpop, Britpop Revival, Canterbury sound, Cello rock, Celtic punk, Celtic metal, Celtic rock, Chicano rock, Christian alternative rock, Christian hardcore, Christian metal, Christian punk, Christian rock, Cock rock, Coldwave, College rock, Comedy rock, Country rock, Cowpunk, Crossover thrash, Crunkcore, Crust punk, Cyber metal, Dance-punk, Dance-rock, Dark cabaret, Dark rock, Darkwave, D-beat, Death 'n' roll, Deathcore, Death-doom, Deathgrind, Death metal, Deathrock, Digital hardcore, Djent, Doom metal, Dream pop, Drone metal, Dunedin sound, Electroclash, Electropunk, Electronicore, Electronic rock, Emo, Emo pop, Emo revival, Ethereal wave, Experimental rock, Extreme metal, Flamenco rock, Folk metal, Folk punk, Folk rock, Funk metal, Funk rock, Garage punk, Garage rock, Geek rock, Glam metal, Glam punk, Glam rock, Goregrind, Gothabilly, Gothic metal, Gothic rock, Grebo, Grindcore, Grindie, Groove metal, Group Sounds, Grunge, Gypsy punk, Hard rock, Hardcore punk, Heartland rock, Heavy hardcore, Heavy metal, Horror punk, Indie folk, Indie pop, Indie rock, Indietronica, Indorock, Industrial metal, Industrial rock, Instrumental rock, Italian occult psychedelia, Jazz rock, Jangle pop, Jersey Shore sound, Krautrock, Kawaii metal, Latin alternative, Latin metal, Latin rock, Madchester, Manila Sound, Mathcore, Math rock, Medieval folk rock, Medieval metal, Melodic death metal, Melodic hardcore, Melodic metalcore, Metalcore, Mod revival, Nardcore, Neue Deutsche Härte, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, Neue Deutsche Welle, Neoclassical dark wave, Neoclassical metal, Neon pop, Neo-progressive rock, Neo-psychedelia, New rave, New wave, New wave of new wave, New Weird America, Nintendocore, Noise pop, Noise rock, No wave, Nu gaze, Nu metal, Nu metalcore, Oi!, Ostrock, Outlaw Country, Pagan metal, Pagan rock, Paisley Underground, Pinoy rock, Pirate metal, Pop punk, Pop rockPost-black metal, Post-Britpop, Post-grunge, Post-hardcore, Post-metal, Post-punk, Post-punk revival, Post-rock, Power pop, Power metal, Powerviolence, Progressive metal, Progressive metalcore, Progressive rock, Protopunk, Psychedelic rock, Psychobilly, Pub rock (Australia), Pub rock (United Kingdom), Punk blues, Punk jazz, Punk rock, Queercore, Raga rock, Rapcore, Rap metal, Rap rock, Reggae rock, Riot grrrl, Rock Against Communism, Rock and roll, Rockabilly, Rock in Opposition, Roots rock, Sadcore, Samba rock, Screamo, Shoegazing, Shock rock, Ska punk, Skate punk, Slowcore, Sludge metal, Soft rock, Southern metalSouthern rock, Space rock, Speed metal, Straight edge, Stoner rock, Street punk, Sufi rock, Sunshine pop, Surf music, Swamp pop, Swedish death metal, Symphonic black metal, Symphonic metal, Symphonic rock, Synthpop, Taqwacore, Technical death metal, Teutonic thrash metal, Thrashcore, Thrash metal, Trønder rock, Traditional heavy metal, Tropical rock, Tulsa Sound, 2 Tone, Unblack metal, Viking metal, Viking rock, Visual kei, Wagnerian rock, War metal, Wizard rock, Yacht rock, Youth crew, Zeuhl.

Have lessons and expand your horizons!

4. turn a hobby into a profession!

We at Bristol House of Music know better than anyone how music can change your life! Check out our tutor stories to see how it has made a positive impact on our careers! If you are passionate about music, maybe you have been in a band before or currently play music and need some extra help to get to that next level. We are professional musicians at Bristol House of Music and we can help you progress your playing and songwriting in a positive way that could affect your life!

5. Scales are your enemy

I remember first learning scales and being taught it really badly! Especially once I started learning modes! I don’t think anyone ever explained it very well, it was a nightmare getting my head around it. This doesn’t have to be the case and once you understand scales you will be able to play over any chord progression and take your playing to another level. Scales are super important and fun to play, so don’t let bad teachers affect your ability.

6. Have instruments as decorations?

Do you have instruments around your house as decorations? Get playing them! It doesn’t take long to start learning an instrument, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start picking up chords and songs. We will have you playing right from your first lesson! There is no excuse! If you look at that guitar every day and just want to be able to pick it up and jam out some songs, then get started now (remember the first lesson is free!).

7. Bad rhythm or playing the same rhythms in every song?

Another common sign that you need guitar lessons is when you are playing the same rhythm all the time. Or maybe your rhythm is just bad! Don’t worry though, before you know it we will have you playing hundreds of different rhythms. This will make your playing a lot more varied and you will stop being so frustrated from sounding the same every time you pick up the guitar.

8. You think you’re too old.

Do you think you’ve missed your chance to learn an instrument? Maybe you’ve had lessons before and it never worked out? Well don’t let that stop you from picking it up now! We have taught people of all ages and always had a lot of fun no matter what!  Push yourself to start learning now!

9. You’re too stressed!

Learning an instrument is a great stress release. Had a hard day at work? Coming home and having 30 minutes playing guitar will be a great way to escape the stresses of every day life. Having lessons each week will give you structure to your practice and you will want to play each night! 

10. Working out songs is hard?

Do you listen to songs and wish you could play them? It can be so frustrating listening to songs and not being able to work them out! Sifting through bad tablature on the internet is time consuming and eventually you lose your enthusiasm. Spend some time training your ear and if you work hard at it you will eventually be able to play any song you hear! Every song you learn at Bristol House of Music you will be provided with complete tablature/sheet music that is accurate! 


What are you waiting for? Get started now! At Bristol House of Music we offer lessons in Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Ukulele, Music Theory & Songwriting. Fill out the form below to book your first FREE lesson today:

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