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What makes Bristol House of Music the place to learn an instrument?

There are lots of ways to learn an instrument nowadays; on your own, YouTube, private tuition, group classes, online sign ups, apps, books Etc. Etc. Etc.


At Bristol House of Music we offer one-to-one lessons in guitar, bass, piano, vocals, ukulele, music theory and songwriting and we think we are the best place to learn! Here are some reasons why we think you should come to Bristol House of Music to learn an instrument!

1. Teachers who are professional musicians.

The teachers at Bristol House of Music are James Ashbury (guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting instructor) and Kit Bennett (piano, vocals, music theory and songwriting instructor). They have both played professionally for most of their working careers. Having toured with the likes of Robert Plant, George Ezra, Jake Bugg, Tom Odell and more they add a professional aspect to the lessons where you can ask advice on performing live and working your way to the top or just ask them some cool stories! 

James and Kit supporting Robert Plant at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

James and Kit supporting Robert Plant at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

2. Experienced teachers

It is important when you go for a guitar lesson that the teacher is experienced and can get the best results. Allowing you to learn quickly and efficiently and make sure that the time in the lessons does actually improve your playing. All the lessons at Bristol House of Music have aims and objectives and each lesson you will go over what you learnt the previous week and then build on those skills. 


Dont just take it from us though, check out this testimonial from one of our guitar students Alexandra-

“After a few lessons with James, I found my playing technique and understanding of guitar theory had improved quickly compared to when I was trying to teach myself the guitar. Thanks to my tutor’s patience and encouragement, I was soon playing my favourite riffs and songs. What was also great about the lessons was how they were tailored to your own skills and music interests, while also introducing you to new ones.”

3. Top quality instruments

If you are going to learn an instrument then you need to be surrounded by top quality instruments. At Bristol House of Music we have the best, top quality acoustics, mandolins, ukuleles, electric guitars, professional amps (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and more), pro recording software (Logic Pro X), Yamaha upright piano, Roland keyboard and loads more. We are always adding to the collection and of course you are always welcome to play any of the instruments or amps/ effects when learning with us.

Macbook set up with monitor speakers, midi keyboard, audio interface, big screen, Logic Pro with recording capabilities good to go!

Ukulele, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Roland Acoustic Amp, Roland cube amp, Roland FP-4 Electric Piano


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tweed Amp, Trace Elliott Bass Amp, Acoustic guitar and Banjo!


4. Music

Music is the most important thing when learning an instrument. We have made sure that music is available on demand, we have Apple Music subscriptions which gets us millions of songs instantly, as well as quick access to YouTube if there are any live videos or music videos you need to find. As well that we have over a thousand vinyls, and hundreds of music books and sheet music that you can use. At Bristol House of Music you will be surrounded by music that you love.

apple music.jpg
youtube image.jpg

5. Free Wifi

There is free WiFi at Bristol House of Music which you are free to connect to. This makes it easy to share any songs you are wanting to show if you have a computer or tablet. Also if you are a parent waiting you can surf the internet whilst you wait! 

6. Learn on a real piano! 

Learning on a real piano is important when learning the instrument. It helps you understand how it actually feels to play and you get used to the weighted keys and how they are meant to feel. At Bristol House of Music we have a Yamaha fully tuned, fully functioning upright piano that is amazing to play. We do also have a Roland FP-4 fully weighted keyboard if that is the sound you are going for.

Yamaha Piano.jpg

7. Relate learning to songwriting

At Bristol of Music we offer something quite unique, as all the tutors are songwriters, once you have progressed on your instrument it is possible to push your creative skills and learn about songwriting! There is nothing better than trying to write a song or a riff or a melody. Who knows you might end up writing the next hit single!

8. All the top music books and sheet music

We have some awesome music books and sheet music at Bristol House of Music! Including lots of classical, flamenco, jazz, chords, harmony, transposition, slide guitar and everything else you can think of!

Guitar books!

Piano books

9. Tablature we have notated!

Also at Bristol House of Music we notate all the tablature ourselves, so guitarists you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching ultimate guitar for a wrongly scored tab! Every song you learn with us will come with a professional score with tablature, notation, chord boxes, tempos, and the lot! This makes remebering what you did in lesson so much easier!


10. Learn any song you want

At Bristol House of Music the teachers are trained to the highest level, meaning it is easy for them to work out songs on the spot. If there is a song you have always wanted to learn or have always wondered what that guitarist is doing on a particular solo, then don’t worry as we will be able to figure it out in no time at all!

11. Pedals galore! 

Pedals make playing an instrument more fun!  At Bristol House of Music we have loads of them! We have distortion, delay, compressors, tuner, looping,  chorus, booster pedals as well as a MacBook connected to Logic Pro which has about a million guitar sounds and effects. So don’t hesitate to ask about connecting to a cool sound!

From left to right; LiveWire ABY Switcher, Fender ABY Switcher, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, Behringer Ultra DI, Pigtronix Class A Booster, TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Fender Hot Rod Amp Switcher, Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic, Mooer Blue Compressor, Polytune2 Mini Pedal

From left to right; LiveWire ABY Switcher, Fender ABY Switcher, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, Behringer Ultra DI, Pigtronix Class A Booster, TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Fender Hot Rod Amp Switcher, Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer Classic, Mooer Blue Compressor, Polytune2 Mini Pedal


12. Learn multiple instruments

At Bristol House of Music we teach lots of instruments, so if you are a bit of an all rounder or you just want to try a few instruments before committing then this is place to do that! We teach guitar, bass, vocals, piano, ukulele, songwriting and music theory and you can pick whichever ones you want.

13. Recording capabilities

At Bristol House of Music we are always hooked up to Logic Pro X and can record straight away. This can be great for lessons when you want to quickly record something if you need the instructor to send you something or some chords recorded. Also we offer a recording service at Bristol House of Music, click the picture below to find out more. 

14. Soundproofed

Bristol House of Music is a soundproofed space that we can make music in and don’t have to worry about turning down all the time. We can listen to music and play instruments the way they were intended to be played!  

15. Lessons catered to the student

At Bristol House of Music we think about each student differently. You may be wanting to learn a particular style or learn a particular technique. That is fine and we won’t just teach you things for he sake of it. Let us know what you are into and not into and we will make a plan!

16. Comfortable place to learn

We have put effort into making sure our rooms are nice and comfortable places to learn.  Rooms are clean and you will have enough space to not be cramped in or feel clostaphobic. Also all rooms are well lit so you can see what you are doing!


17. Friendly teachers

The teachers at Bristol House of Music have had their fair share of teachers who have bad attitudes or are moody. We are very happy teachers who make sure that the lessons are positive and friendly every time! Lessons are meant to be friendly and stress-free!

18. Learn any style. 

We love every style at Bristol House of Music, we may not have heard a particular song, but we will be able to pick it up very quickly. So if you are big Metalhead or if you love fingerstlye blues or you just love punk rock! Whatever it is we can go that route! 

19. Student deal! 

At Bristol House of Music we offer a student deal! We understand things are a bit tighter when you’re a student so if you are free between 12pm-4pm Monday to Friday you can save 20% for your first 6 lessons (after your first free lesson). Click the photo below to find out more...


20. Refer a friend deal! 

We also offer a Refer a Friend deal which will save you some cash! If you refer a friend to Bristol House of Music you will get 25% off your next lesson! Click the photo below to read more...


21. Affordable prices

At Bristol House of Music we believe in affordable prices making it easier for you to learn an instrument. We offer the first lesson completely FREE with no obligation to book another lesson. We also don’t have any confusing systems of booking 10 lessons in a row. All lessons are £20 an hour and fit around your schedule! You can also book 30 minutes or 45 minutes for £10/£15. Spend less time worrying about paying for lessons and more time learning. 

22. Continually challenging you even after weeks/ months of lessons! 

Our aim is to keep you improving all the time. So we plan our lessons to make sure you are continually being pushed and improving all the time. We have taught beginners right on to advanced players and the journey is the best thing about it. There will be a fast enough pace at Bristol House of Music so you aren’t just learning the same song for months and months. 

23. First lesson that gets you playing immediately! 

 You will be amazed how quickly you will be playing at Bristol House of Music. We have carefully planned the first lesson to make sure you go away with stuff to practice and you may even be playing your first song by the first lesson! Maybe even a riff, you will be amazed how little time it takes to get going. We'll have you playing behind your back in no time...

first lesson behind head.jpg

24. We teach all ages! 

We think you can learn an instrument at any age if you have the passion to learn and you put the time in. So even if you are 5 and wanting to start or 85, don’t worry we have taught all ages and it is possible to learn at any age!

25. Learn proper songs

We remember lessons at school where you would learn a nursary rhyme or play three notes over and over again. Or learn a song a guitarist has made up just for the sake of it! We don’t do that at Bristol House of Music and we make sure you learn real songs that you can play along to. Learning an instrument will be so much easier if you can play along to the original song whilst learning. Take a listen to some of songs our students have been learning recently...

26. No Big headed teachers! 

It is important you feel comfortable around your teacher, just because we have been playing longer than you or we picked it up quicker doesn’t mean we have to brag about it! And we won’t! You are here to learn not to hear about why we are so talented! Don’t worry we won’t put you through that!!

27. Learn anywhere in the world!

At Bristol House of Music we offer Skype lessons for exactly the same price. These lessons are still the great high standard and always one-to-one which means if you want lessons from your bedroom or if you don’t live near any decent instructors you don’t have to worry! Click the photo below to find out how Skype lessons work.... 


28. We won’t cancel lessons! 

If you have booked a lesson at Bristol House of Music we will be there! There is nothing worse than getting in a flow with instrument lessons then finding out the instructor isn’t there!

29. Relaxed and Flexible lesson bookings

If you have something come up and need to cancel a lesson or need to have a couple of weeks off, maybe you’re going on holiday... That’s totally fine! We won’t make you pay in advance and we don’t make it difficult to rearrange a lesson. We want you to want to come to the lessons and enjoy them!

30. Proper advice on buying your first instrument! 

At Bristol House of Music we have bought so many instruments so we know how to find a good one. So if you haven’t bought one before and don’t know what you are looking for then we can help! Check out our article on buying your first guitar and where to find it in Bristol.


We love to teach at Bristol House of Music and we think anyone can learn to play an instrument, you just need the right teacher!

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