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5 reasons why the ukulele is for you

The ukulele is an incredible instrument and has become very popular to learn over the last 10 years! It originally found its fame in Hawaii and since then has appeared in many modern songs. Here are five reasons why it might be time to start learning…


1. The perfect instrument to accompany yourself 

If you like to sing but can’t play an instrument, you might find that the ukulele is the perfect place to start. It sounds great in many different styles of music and once you get the hang of it you will be able to accompany yourself and play all your favourite songs.


2. It’s tiny

 Being small has its advantages. You can take a ukulele with you everywhere you go; on holiday, on a camping trip, on the train, the bus or on your bike. You will always be able to play music and never struggle to take an instrument with you.


3. It’s cheap

There are some lovely expensive ukuleles but  you can pick one up for a very good price. Learning an instrument doesn’t mean breaking the bank and some of the cheaper ukuleles play nicely and have the authentic sound. The teachers at Bristol House of Music can help you pick the right one.


4. It converts to guitar 

 Spending time learning the ukulele provides a skillset that can be transferred to the guitar and other string instruments. Playing the ukulele is like playing the bottom 4 strings of a guitar but up 5 frets. So if you make the switch you will start recognising shapes and positions all of which will give you a head start. The music theory is also the same and will convert to any instrument.


5. It doesn’t take long to get going!

Learning an instrument is fun! The ukulele has nylon strings which means that it doesn’t hurt the fingers when playing notes on the fretboard. This is perfect for younger hands and those who have never played an instrument before. You will find yourself playing a song right from your first lesson.


At Bristol House of Music we offer the first lesson free and offer lessons in ukulele, guitar, piano, vocals, bass, songwriting and music theory. Fill out the form below to book your first free lesson:

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