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What happens in the first free lesson?

Bristol House of Music has been buzzing since we opened in August 2018 and lots of people have taken advantage of the first FREE lesson!  It is a great way of experiencing what it’s like learning with us and to find out if it’s something you’d be interested in pursuing.


1. Meet your tutor!

If you are a budding guitarist, bassist, ukulele player or songwriter you will meet James. James has been playing and teaching for over 15 years and has taught well over 200 students of all levels. Aside from teaching, he and his band Wildflowers have toured the world with the likes of Robert Plant, George Ezra and Tom Odell, James also went out as the guitar tech for Jake Bugg.

If you are a budding pianist, keyboard player, vocalist, songwriter or music theory learner you will be having lessons with Kit. She is equally as qualified and experienced having written hundreds of songs and been classically trained. Her songs have been played on radio shows such as Graham Norton and Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2) and she has gigged all around the world in front of huge audiences.


2. Talk about your goals with music!

We acknowledge and enjoy the fact that everyone likes different music, or has been playing for varying amounts of time. You may have never played before or you may have been playing for most of your life. This is really important, and understanding why you want to learn and what you hope to achieve will help us plan out the future lessons with you.


3. Start playing!

If you haven’t played before we will instantly get you on the instrument! We will introduce you to chords and notes, perhaps teach you a song or a riff. You will be amazed at how much you can learn in this first lesson. 


If you have been playing for a while, we will quickly assess what level you’re at and introduce you to some new ideas and start playing through them. For example if you are looking to improve your improvisation, maybe we will look at some minor pentatonic shapes and how best to use them and what chords work when using that particular scale. 


4. Play through everything learnt

Finally at the end of the lesson you will recap everything you have learned and set some targets for your week of practice.


5. Plan when you want lessons

We will finally make a plan for your next lesson (if you are wanting to continue). Lessons can fit around your busy schedule, and we are happy to change your time each week or book you in for a regular slot. We want booking a lesson to be easy and stress free.  


As you can see you will get a lot from this first lesson! Take advantage of this great offer and book your first lesson today, you won’t regret it. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch about booking the first free lesson - 

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We have released our first book!

This book teaches you every chord you will ever need in all five CAGED shapes, allowing you to master the fretboard and helping you to develop and expand your chord knowledge whilst keeping it fun and easy to grasp. Get the book and take your chord playing to new heights. 'Every Chord Shape You Will Ever Need' is ideal for guitarists trying to get to the next level and who like to play, perform and write music.