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BOOK RELEASE - Every Chord Shape You Will Ever Need

We are proud to announce that we have released our very first book. “Every Chord Shape You Will Ever Need: Using the CAGED system - For Guitar’ written by James Ashbury and edited by Kit Bennett.

Playing guitar has many stages: you start off learning a few chords, followed by riffs, solos, and then hopefully some songs. The next few months or years are filled with playing anything you can get your hands on. Most guitarists then hit the stage where they don’t know what to learn next. You might spend lots of time looking on YouTube and endlessly searching the Internet for something that will get you to the next level of playing.

We have been through this process and seen endless guitarists hit the same wall. That is why we created Every Chord Shape You Will Ever Need, a book that is based on the CAGED Method, a simple way of mastering the fretboard and getting you out of the open position. 


•167 different chord types, each in 5 inversions (835 shapes in total!)

•Clear diagrams with interval names and fret numbers.

•Featuring Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished, Augmented, Suspended, Altered Suspended and Altered Chords.

•Easy to read and quick to find each chord.

•All chord formulas detailed in an easy to understand layout.

This book is perfect for a songwriter looking for new chords and sounds to inspire them to write more songs. Flick through this book and challenge yourself to play the different shapes and make your songs sound how you want to! Also if you are a guitarist in a band and need a second way of playing a chord progression to give you different harmonies and parts, then this book can make this happen! Have fun with it and remember to keep trying out new chord shapes and ideas.


Paperback and Kindle version available to buy today.

Please show your support for this book by getting the book and sharing with your fellow musicians!