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Why learning an instrument is good for a young mind!

School is about to kick off again and it is the best time for children and young adults to start learning an instrument! At Bristol House of Music we teach guitar, piano, bass, vocals, ukulele, songwriting and music theory and we have put together some reasons why learning an instrument is a great thing for a young mind...


1. Good for your brain

Younger minds have the capacity to learn many new things every day, so why not add music into the mix? From having one hour-long lesson a week, and just ten minutes of practice each day, you can learn a great deal. Playing an instrument can also help to improve your memory as there is much to remember!


2. Helps to improve coordination

Building up your coordination is important and will help in other areas of your development. Playing an instrument requires you to use many different parts of your body at the same time, and it is believed that young people who play instruments often have better hand eye coordination than those that don’t.


3. Makes you happy!

It is very important to be happy! What better way than to play an instrument, sing a favourite song and feel the joy that comes with expressing yourself musically and improving on something that is fun? You will impress your family and friends with how far you take it.


4. Improves rhythm

Rhythm is something that unless you are a dancer you may never really learn about.  It helps you to understand music and notice when something sounds “off” or out of time. Whether you are a singer, a pianist, a guitarist or a bassist, rhythm is integral to your music lessons from the start, as it is one of the fundamentals of music. 


5. Gets you off your computer!

Computers are amazing! Gaming is fun! XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Ipad, Ipod, Macbooks, the list goes on of how much fun can be had playing games. However when you are young it is important to develop all your skills, and learning an instrument will be something you want to dedicate some time to.


6. Fits perfectly around your studies!

Learning an instrument doesn't mean spending hours painfully crawling through music notation, learning songs you hate. It is quite the opposite, you can just practice 10 minutes every day and continue to improve at a pace that comes naturally to you.  We also teach in the evenings and on Saturdays, making it an easily accessible extracurricular activity. 


7. Something you will be able to do for the rest of your life!

Playing an instrument is a skill that you can take with you wherever you go in life. There is something very cool about forever being able to pick up an acoustic guitar, or jump on a piano and play some songs. Learning an instrument doesn't have to be something you take into your professional career but can be something that you use to relax you and to have fun in the future.


8. Learn your favourite songs!

At Bristol House of Music, we make sure we teach you songs that you want to learn! This makes learning an instrument so much more fun! You will be able to play those songs you enjoy, sing along and be happy! 


9. Learn a new language

Being able to read music is an incredible skill to have. It is exactly the same as speaking a different language. After taking lessons you will be able to understand pitch, the musical alphabet, rhythm, timing, chords, dynamics and so much more...


10. You can play along with other friends!

One of the best things about learning to play an instrument is the ability to play along with friends. If your friends are all playing instruments, you wont be left out and can join in and jam along. Soon you will all be writing hits!


Buying an instrument nowadays can be very inexpensive. Music shops have amazing deals and you can find some incredible offers that wont break the bank, yet will last the stretch of time. Click here to look at our article on buying your first guitar, also we can help you find your first piano, ukulele or bass, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


There are plenty more reasons why learning an instrument is good for young minds. At Bristol House of Music we offer the first lesson completely FREE! So what better reason could there be to get started? Click here to book your first lesson - or read our 30 reasons why Bristol House of Music is the right place to learn.


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