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At Bristol House of Music we offer professional and prepared Skype lessons tailored to any student. Skype lessons are available for guitar, bass & songwriting. Click on the instrument below to read more about the lessons-


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Skype Requirements

1. Computer/Laptop/Tablet with webcam and microphone. Most computers and taplets nowadays will have this inbuilt.

2. Skype - All lessons will happen via Skype, a free video calling platform that takes no time to setup. Visit this link to download now!

3. Speakers - Having speakers will make the lesson more enjoyable and will allow you to hear any examples in higher quality. Also if you are ever playing along to a song, this will help!

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1. Take lessons from the comfort of your own home! 

If you are super busy and taking the time out to travel to Bristol House of Music is too much for you. Fear not! Skype lessons are still taught by our amazing teachers, so as long as you have the right set up this might work better for you. There is no reason why you can't mix Skype lessons with lessons at our school as well.

2. Study from anywhere in the world!

Constantly moving around? Or maybe you just like to travel but don't want to stop improving on your instrument.

If your lifestyle is holding you back from learning an instrument, then Skype lessons could be the answer. Lessons can be suited to your timetable and can vary each week - if that is what you are looking for.

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3. Stop endlessly searching for videos on YouTube!

YouTube is great! We love it so much we even have our own YouTube channel! However if you want to improve as a musician, then unfortunately YouTube is a very difficult platform to navigate. You spend more time searching than actually learning and it is hard to find videos that are consistently a high standard.

Also there is no feedback with YouTube, if you want results one-to-one lessons are always going to push you further.

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4. Watch/Listen back to the lesson with our lesson record service.

Do you want to revisit the lesson from last week? And go back and revisit what was talked about? Well this is possible with Skype lessons.

If you want to record the lesson and be sent it after the lesson, this costs an extra £10. Please note Skype lessons will never be recorded unless requested before the lesson starts.

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5. The same world class lessons just through a different platform.

Skype lessons doesn't mean you are missing out on excellent lessons. Lessons are well prepared and well thought out, if Skype lessons work around your lifestyle better then don't hesitate to get started. 

At Bristol House of Music the first lesson is always FREE, so you have nothing to lose!


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